• Tignanello has risen up to the 2nd tier in the 2021 Classification. 
  • The Tuscan label is the second most-traded Italian wine so far this year. 

The 2nd tier of the Liv-ex Classification 2021 is being published today and one of the key insights is the elevation of Super Tuscan Tignanello. 

The Antinori brand was listed as a 3rd tier label in both the 2017 and 2019 classifications. Prices for the wine have been on the move since then, however. 

With the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 having risen just over 6% since 2019, the price brackets for each tier of the classification have shifted upwards accordingly. 

For some wines, this has seen them drop a tier but not Tignanello. Its average trade price per dozen has gone from £769 in 2019 to £992 – a rise of 29%. 

As can be seen from the chart, Tignanello is the best-performing Super Tuscan over the last year. 

Top traded

Tignanello is currently the fifth most-traded Italian wine by value so far in 2021 and the second most-traded by volume. It is actually the ninth most-traded label by volume in the whole market at the moment. 

Its average trade price of under £1,000 sets it at a fair discount to fellow Super Tuscans Sassicaia and Ornellaia, which have average prices of £1,936 and £1,449 respectively, and far below Masseto which has an average price of over £5,000. 

The recent vintages of 2014-2018 are the most traded by the value this year. 2017 is the weakest of the five, with a score of 95+ from Antonio Galloni. It is the only wine to have declined in price over the past year as well. It is, however, the cheapest of the five at £960 per dozen. 

The other four wines are all rated 96 or higher by Galloni and have seen double-digit growth over one year.  

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