Cellar Plan

Our Cellar Plan is a simple way to build a fine and rare collection of wine and whisky perfectly tailored to your taste.

Join Our Cellar Plan

Our Cellar Plan is a simple way to build a collection of investment-grade wine or whisky with perfect provenance tailored to your taste. A truly unique service with the option of pairing wine and whisky creating a cellar of premium quality.

How it Works

• Pay £250 per month into your account
• Account Manager can plan purchases
• Store your wines in our bonded warehouse
• View an example cellar

The Benefits

• Low-level risk
• A free case of fine wine with all plans
• A unique way to save
• Hedge against other financial instruments
• Tangible assets which improve with age

State of Art Storage

• Optimum conditions in our warehouse
• Trade wines stored with us on Liv-Ex
• Pay no delivery charge when you withdraw

Planning your Cellar

When planning a cellar for the investment you will want to spend at least £250 per month, focusing on a number of specific wines and collectable whiskies. It’s important that you include wines and whiskies with a proven track record on the secondary market coupled with perfect provenance. Your account manager will help you create a perfectly balanced collection designed for maximum performance. We strongly suggest that our customers allow their account manager to make purchases on their behalf. You will be kept fully informed of everything we secure for you, and we can offer advice about when to sell.

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