Fine Wine and Rare Whisky

Fine Wine and Rare Whisky

Bringing two markets together

When charting wealth reports and investment indexes of luxury collectibles – from watches to wine, property to cars, whisky and other assets, there are two that stand alone in terms of liquidity and performance.

Fine wine and rare whisky have dominated the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index since inception and continue to do so. The outstanding performance of both assets, especially over the past 20 years has been phenomenal, so by combining the two markets, we have opened opportunities for you to trade in a more liquid, dynamic, and better performing sector, offering superior diversification and growth opportunities for your capital.

The strong performance of wine and whisky follows a decade of significant growth for the two asset classes.  Leading the market is a new generation of investors who are combining both assets with their money to tremendous effect, creating far superior capital growth opportunities while efficiently hedging against macro-economic factors and inflation.

By opening up this international market place, you can be confident that our industry recognised memberships, trust and organisational structure will return strong performance during the life cycle of your investment. 


  • Our supply network has featured in Forbes.
  • Established trading members of Liv-Ex
  • All assets stored in London’s oldest bonded warehouse approved by HMRC meeting the strictest conditions required.
  • Award-Winning service and trading platform
  • Industry recognised network combining both markets. 

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