Andrew Sheeley MRICS

Managing Partner at Roc Haus Chartered Surveyors and Architectural Consultants.
Business Owner and Philanthropist.

Peter Southgate

Multiple Business Owner and Entrepreneur.
A passionate investor in vintage cars, property and fine wine enthusiast.

“As a prolific investor in commercial property, I also enjoy collecting classic cars as it’s a passion of mine but also enjoy the capital gains tax benefits it has afforded me. I have recently started a fine and rare wine investment portfolio primarily for the tax-efficient gains that are available.

Through mutual friends, I became aware of London Barrelhouse and am pleased to say that they are now one of my commercial tenants in one of the several buildings I own in the London/Essex area. As I got to know them what struck me most was not only their knowledge and professionalism but their passion. So, with great enthusiasm, I ventured into the world of fine wine.

After explaining the whole process to me and showing me where I could avail myself of some valuable bed-time reading, I realised very quickly where the passion of wine ownership comes from and I am now acutely aware of the ever-growing global demand pushing prices higher, making wine the best performing alternative asset over the past 10 years.

London Barrelhouse displayed a great level of creativity and analytical thought when putting my portfolio together, something that I have found quite rare when making investments in the past, helped primarily through their respected contacts and trust in the industry.

London Barrelhouse store my wine at Vine International, a state of the art storage facility in Tilbury, through their trading membership of Liv-ex, apart from protecting the condition and provenance of my portfolio I was pleased to be able to visit Vine and able to see and touch the wine I have bought and subsequently been reading about.

With any investment I make, guidance and trust, are the most important factors I consider when venturing into a new area. London Barrelhouse was able to take me through the whole process from start to finish in a way that left me confident I was in good hands.

I would recommend London Barrelhouse to anyone looking to get active in this area, as the skills they demonstrated to me went above and beyond what I’ve experienced in the past, particularly the way they were willing to assist the rapport between ourselves with clear communication and on-site visits were in invaluable to me.”

James W

Global Whisky Brand Ambassador

“I have been a London Barrelhouse (LBH) client for around 7 months having decided to look into diversifying my investment portfolio into fine wine and rare whisky. The team at LBH have been fantastic in helping me look at different options and also on how long I was looking to invest for. I have a catch-up call every couple of weeks with my Portfolio Manager Robert Whipple, and we look at possible new investment opportunities as well as how the whisky and wine that I have in my portfolio are faring in the marketplace. I have managed to build on my initial investment by adding to my collection as well as selling a number of bottles of whisky to release funds for further investment or to cash out to release funds for other interests. I feel during this troubling time that being able to have fluidity in your investments is very important, and LBH offering a 1-year buy-back policy on any wine or whisky that you buy gives you trust and belief that not only do LBH believe in their own advice but that they have the interests of their clients at the front of their minds. I look forward to continuing to work with the team at LBH to increase my portfolio and improve on my initial investments.”

Doug McClelland

PGA Master Professional Golfer

“I have over the years invested in wine, some for drinking and some for investment. I recently decided to use London Barrelhouse with tremendous success. I must say my results so far have been pleasing. I’ve received good advice and have done well for the amount of money I gave them to invest. As an experienced investor, their strategy was well executed, combining a great re-investment plan, gives me the confidence I require for the future. Up-to-date phone calls and communication is the name of the game and is the best service I have received from similar companies in the past, so I feel I’m at the start of a great journey.”

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