Vine via Liv-ex at London City Bond

Storing your portfolio in Vine through Liv-ex connects you with 500+ trusted merchants around the world in one place, giving you access to £80m of wine and whisky to buy or sell instantly.  Apart from having the most up-to-date database of pricing information at our fingertips, their service is reliable and trusted and used in over 40 countries worldwide and is quoted by Bloomberg and Reuters as the industry standard.

London City Bond (LCB)

London’s oldest bonded warehouse to the UK’s leading tax warehousing company LCB has an impeccable reputation with renowned drinks trade customers, fine wine merchants and global investors. Each warehouse is protected by integrated physical and electronic surveillance systems. All have fire and intruder alarms which are monitored off-site at a central station using Red Care GSM communication technology. All our warehouses and IT systems are approved by HM Revenue & Customs, meeting the strictest conditions required for ‘under bond’ or duty paid storage, as required. 

Crown Wine Cellars

In Asia, London Barrelhouse use Crown Wine Cellars to store your portfolios.  A truly magnificent facility with arguably the best security and safety systems available anywhere in the wine and whisky world.  Acknowledged as the finest storage facility in Asia, Crown is the epitome of excellence and has created the perfect environment for your portfolio to mature safely in bond.  Storage is comprised of individual underground concrete chambers (as opposed to a large, single structure warehouse), each with its own complex computerised climate control system, that delivers superb, balanced temperature and humidity, comfortably surpassing the performance of all competing wine and whisky storage facilities.  Crown is recognised in the industry for always leading the way and have subsequently become the first choice for virtually all the world’s leading spirit companies.  Crown now takes care of some of the most valuable and rarest wine collections in the world.

Fully Insured

Through our trading membership of Liv-Ex

Authenticity Guaranteed

Through our associated network that supplies Sotherby’s globally

Securely Stored

Through London’s oldest and leading HMRC approved bonded facility

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