• The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 has seen 10 months of gains.
  • The Rhone and Burgundy were the leading sub-indices.
  • Screaming Eagle was the best-performing LWIN7.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 rose 0.89% in June, closing at 375.97, marking the 10th consecutive month of gains.

The last four months have seen the index climbing to new highs and it is currently up 5.47% year-to-date.

As mentioned in the post on the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100, the number of distinct wines (LWIN7s) traded in the first six months of this year was 35% higher than in the same period in 2020.

The number of distinct wines with a vintage (LWIN11s) traded over the same period was 39% higher than last year.


The Rhone 100 was the best-performing sub-index in June, rising 1.6%. It is currently the second best performing sub-index so far this year, up 6.1%.

Burgundy had a good month as well, its sub-index rising 1.29% just ahead of the Italy 100 (+1.27%) and it is the best performing index this year – up 8%.

After a very strong start to the year, the Champagne 50 was rather more subdued in the last month of H1, rising just 0.6%. Nonetheless, it is one of the better-performing sub-indices so far this year.

The Rest of the World 60 was the only sub-index to decline last month, declining 0.6%. That said, one of its component wines, Screaming Eagle, was the best-performing label overall.