How to Begin

Diversify your wealth.

How to Begin

Diversify your wealth.

Wine & Whisky

Over the past 5 years, in particular, we have noticed the rising interest in both single malt scotch and fine wine as investments and have adapted our service to offer customers a safe-guarded entry into this rapidly expanding global market place. Whether you are considering fine wine or rare whisky, we recommend that clients start with a minimum of £10,000. However, budget permitting, an investment of £25,000 will enable us to work with you to build a diverse and creative portfolio including expressions which offer the greatest potential for your capital.

Investment Term

Due to demand, present trends and current growth forecasts any investments you make in this marketplace should result in success. However, when investing in any asset class there is potential for both rapid gains and underperformance. To fully appreciate a market cycle, we recommend that investors take a minimum 3-year view up to 10 years as an investment horizon. Should you wish to exit sooner, then your portfolio manager will always endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome.

Portfolio Manager

All clients of London Barrelhouse are assigned their own dedicated portfolio manager who will work with you to craft a portfolio designed to maximise capital growth. Following an initial consultation, you will receive a detailed investment proposal based around your budget and any preferences you may have. Your portfolio manager will keep you informed and updated on the performance of each wine and whisky you invest in throughout your relationship with us.

Investment Guide

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