In 2015 Barolo made up just 6.8% of Italy’s trade by value. As is stands in 2021, Barolo’s market share is at 32.4% with £2.9m of LIVE opportunities on the exchange (more than the whole of the Rhone – £2.7m).

This increase in Barolo’s market share can be attributed to a few factors. First, we have observed an overall broadening of the market since the height of Bordeaux in 2010/2011 with Italy as one of the chief drivers. This has accelerated in recent years with the adoption of Liv-ex Automation, which allows customers to bid and access wines through their merchant’s platforms.

Second, Barolo has caught the attention of critics and the media. Antonio Galloni of Vinous for example called Barolo 2016, “a brilliant vintage full of magnificent wines”.

He added: “2016 is one of the most consistently outstanding vintages I have come across,” and, “it is simply hard to go wrong with Barolo in 2016.” Galloni awarded a handful of 2016 Barolo 100 points.

And third, Barolo itself covers just under 2,000 hectares, roughly analogous to the Cote de Nuits. With such small quantities produced and demand now extended across the globe, some of these wines have seen big rises in price – from 200% to 400% – all of which is contributing to the sub-region’s growing market share by value.

Attached below is a link all LIVE Barolo offers and a link to 2016 Barolo, which is leading trade for the region year-to-date.

LIVE Barolo offers

LIVE 2016 Barolo offers